Friday, November 11, 2016

MUNCHIES: Stoners Guide to Appetite Suppression


Everyone gets HUNGRY when they consume THC 
No need to fear, this is an easy problem to solve! 

1.) Drink More Water - You should drink one now! 

2.) If your kitchen doesn't look like this, don't go in there unless you know what you want before you go! 

3.) Sugar is a demon, don't feed it! The more you eat the more you eat. 

4.) Nobody Wants Food After Brushing Their Teeth! #DoubleWin

5.) Eat Slower - Cherish that Cherry Tomato Guy!

6.) Eat More High Fiber Foods, They Fill You Up  (Not Meat)

Or go out and do something, earn that appetite!


Saturday, October 29, 2016

Buzz-Worthy Libations - Recipe Book

Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails & Tonics
The Art of Spirited Drinks & Buzz-Worthy Libations

Written by Warren Bobrow

Warren may be new to the scene in terms of cannabis infusions but his history in spirits, apothecary and cocktails is long standing with a popular blog at and a handful of books under his belt.

This book, Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails & Tonics lifts the current state of cannabis infusion literature to a new level. It contains 75 unique and, believe it or not, DOABLE recipes! There is a section on the flavor profiles of various strains that is truly one of a kind. The descriptions are without a doubt the most accurate and appetizing I have heard. Take for example this snippet from the flavor profile of Maui Waui.

  • "As its name suggests, Maui Waui hails from Hawaii, and it's redolent of freshly sliced honeydew melon, juicy navel oranges, tart lemons, and crushed pine needles"
He goes on to suggest it is a good fit for a simple syrup, tincture or better yet a Ramos Gin Fizz! 


This is the first cookbook I have ever read from cover to cover and that should tell you something! I am currently working on a batch of his Canna-Maple Syrup which I will test beside my own recipe for flavor and potency. 

Although I have slightly different opinions on dosing, potency of finished product, extraction techniques and "decarbing" the book is a true gem in the space. It is classy, eloquent, useful and a brilliant addition to any bookshelf or coffee table. Available at Target, Barnes & Nobel, Amazon and others. 

Enjoy responsibly! 

Label your concoctions! 

Share and enjoy

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Bernie Sanders discusses Cannabis Legalization

In an interview with Spike Lee, Bernie Sanders took a stance on Cannabis Legalization

"It should not be a federal crime, states can legalize it if they want to"

For cannabis legalization talk go to 14:40

see the full article -

Friday, February 26, 2016

Drug Test Factoids - Tips and Tricks

THC urine drug test, also known as piss test, marijuana, pot or weed test,
is the most common type of drug testing. 

  • The half life of THC metabolites in human body ranges between 1 and 10 days. 
  • Sometimes chronic users, whose body is accustomed to eliminate drugs, get rid of toxins faster than infrequent users. 
  • THC accumulates in fat cells, so thin people have lack of storage for it making them more successful in passing a drug test.
To Pass
  • Stop smoking weed immediately 
  • Drink a lot of water and urinate as much as you can on the day before
  • Take 1.3g of aspirin (4 x 325-mg tablets) 4-5 hours before test. 
  • Urinate 2-3 times before sending sample and try to fill the test cup with midstream of your urine. 
  • Minimize your physical activity few days before test. 
  • Trying home remedies is not reliable way to pass a drug test

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

CHAMPS CounterCulture Show February 2016

A look around the Champs trade show at the glass art, pipes, bongs, clothing and other counter culture products designed for the cannabis industry.

Abracadabs Rafael Ochoa Sideshow AFG Distribution Laser Guided Visions Ryan Bader Herbal Chef Jessica Wood Dwight Calwhite Lauren Elizabeth E-Njoint Mad Dabber Hitter Boxes Dugout Galaxy Enails