Saturday, September 13, 2008

How to be a good Medical Marijuana Patient

So, its time to get a medical marijuana card so that you can visit the dispensaries and cooperatives in your area. What do you do?

First you must qualify for a card and gain a recommendation from a doctor. After that is completed it is a walk in the park but there are a few things to keep in mind.

Each collective is its own entity and you must become a member of that specific collective to gain access to their products. The Cannabis Card itself is only official if it is supplied by the state department, otherwise it is merely a fun thing to have. You must have your Official Doctors Recommendation for every first visit, after that your California picture ID will suffice.
  1. Bring your Doctors Recommendation with you when you visit a new cooperative.
  2. They will verify your status through a phone or online verification service. 
  3. They will then check the Medical Board to be sure your doctor is fully licensed 
  4. You will then fill out and sign a membership form - (Most forms take 5 minutes or less in which you agree to not resell the medication or use it for non medicinal uses)
After the forms are complete you will be shown into a back room where you will find many different types, subtypes, and hybrid breeds of cannabis, edibles, drinks, and sometimes even devices to assist with consumption.

The person behind the counter will be very knowledgeable about cannabis and may be able to choose the right one for you

I always tell people, "Whatever smells best to you, is probably a good bet." So if they let you, open a jar and take a big sniff.