Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Vegetable Glycerin THC extract (Like Marinol or Sativex)

I was reading various extraction methodologies the other day and kept going deeper and deeper within the science. The spectrum of possibilities is endless. I chose 3 methods to investigate, Butane extraction, Alcohol extraction, and Vegetable glycerin.

The butane extraction process can grow very expensive and is not the greatest extraction method, the alcohol, although a great method has a few pitfalls namely it's flammable and it needs to go into the oven for every recipe that takes a reasonable amount of time, and lastly the Vegetable Glycerin... Very interesting, some people say to heat it, others do not but the consensus is that it takes about 6 weeks in a sealed jar that is shaken ever day and kept a few degrees above room temperature. I decided I would try an experiment.

Double boiler method for Vegetable Glycerin Extract Made in ONE Day

This is a recipe used to create a vegetable glycerin based tincture to be used in drop form. It is fully activated and need only to be consumed by placing a few drops under the tongue to be immediately felt or ingested what is swallowed will subsequently be absorbed by the body in the GI tract.

Ingredients (Variable in increments of 8.5ml glycerin per gram)
1/8 oz well ground high quality cannabis
1/8 cup food grade Vegetable Glycerin (commonly found at drugstores and pharmacies)

A glass jar and lid
A glass dropper bottle (for dosing)
Large pot
Oven Mitts


Grind the cannabis as finely as possible and place it in the glass jar, pour over the Glycerin and stir it all in

Seal the jar. Heat the pot of water to a simmer and place the jar into the center. The level of the water should be about the same level as the contents of the jar. This will make sure the jar does not float and fall. Let the mixture cook for 6 hours or you can do it longer shaking the contents of the jar often and adding water to the pot as needed to maintain a level of boiling water. Once this is done you will want to pour your mixture through cheesecloth into a bowl. After you have poured it through squeeze the excess from the cheesecloth careful not to break it. I will suggest using gloves for this, however I didnt and I will assure you, this stuff can go through your skin and make you Super Stoned. Just a heads up. 

Ok so here is what I got out of my experiment, a dark green vicious fluid that 1/2 teaspoon is equivalent to 3 marinol pills.

My buddy who has a perscription for and takes marinol on a daily basis came by and bottomed up a 1/2 teaspoon. Below is how he described the effects of the glycerin as it compares to Marinol. 
  • 5 minutes in he said he felt it in his face, pulling a smile and relaxed eyebrows
  • 15 minutes in he said that it is the equivalent to 3 marinol pills, he usually only takes two
  • 30 minutes in he said that he could feel it and it was much more rounded or complete than he experienced with Marinol, he said it felt like an edible but in a very manageable dose
  • 1 hour later he wanted to know how I made the stuff
  • 3 hours later he said he still felt good but the effects were beginning to become less noticable
  • 5 hours later he said the effects were gone and he felt great, not too tired and not weird. 

SO I think that High speed extraction of THC can be done using Vegetable glycerin in a double boil and perhaps a Crock Pot.  below is a picture of the cannabis after the experiment 
It appeared to me that there was still THC on the plant material, so I cooked it in butter for a few hours and made some mac and cheese. It definitely still held some THC because I got extremely high but I believe that a longer period in the glycerin or a fruit press for extraction would be needed to be sure. 

Lab Results - Success - 5 drops and I was feeling great


  1. Really cool idea and a very useful recipe. A few thoughts though. Marinol cannot be compared to what you have created because when you cooked the bud in the glycerin you infused not just the THC from the cannabis but also over 60 other known cannabinoinds that are what contribute to both the medicinal qualities of hemp as well as the "stoned" feeling that one would desire. Marinol is only artificially created THC and therefore cannot be nearly as beneficial and latent with therapeutic qualities as the actual plant or extracts from the plant such as what you have created.

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  2. I most certainly agree with you. Synthetic THC generically known as Dronabinol is a poor alternative. However the reason this is compared to it is so that people can more easily find and understand this to be a feasible alternative. Thank you for your comment!

  3. this is a great thing to try, i'm just wondering if this compound will work properly through a e-cig namely the smoke NV

    1. In my experience, no. I followed this recipe, and it worked great—exactly as advertised. My main aim was to do exactly what you're talking about, using it to vaporize in an e-cigarette. It behaved properly, that is it vaporized to depletion, but I did not get high. The reason IMO is that the 1::1 ratio produces a tincture that's way too diluted to deliver enough goodness in a few puffs—or even 20 or 25 puffs. I'm in the midst of waiting out my next experiment, where I'm soaking the weed in just enough glycerin to saturate it. Then I'll press it and hopefully have something strong enough to vape in an e-cig will emerge. Kinda my holy grail...

    2. Have you found a way to use marinol in an e-cig yet?

    3. Use the herb infused glycerine to refill used e-cig cartridges....it works.

    4. bro what about this person from 02.12, did you get it to work out?? I can understand how it would not be as strong

    5. This is a good start. Simmering happens at about 200°. Some flavonoids and terpines have vapor points below that. 170-180 would be better. Decarboxylation is also an important consideration. If it doesn't cook long enough, the body can't fully metabolize the thc (thc-a) because of a double bonded carbon. It's kind of complicated, but in layman's terms, when marijuana is being smoked, the flame provides enough heat to rapidly break those carboxyl bonds and the molecule shifts into metobolizable THC .. An e-cig doesn't necessarily get that hot, so your extract may have to be decarboxylated to be effective. If this is to be consumed orally, it is essential. 6 hours at 200 should do a partial job, but I would consider trying multiple heating/cooling runs, both to be sure as much is removed from the plant as possible and to assure a complete decarbox process.

      BTW, THC-A is not necessarily a bad thing. It's medicinal and psychoactive effects are similar to CBD, so somebody who wants relief without getting "high" would be good with non-decarboxylized thc-a rich VG taken orally.

    6. If u are a subohm vaper it works way better im am and i get wreak after 5 BIG dripper vapes at about 0.3ohm or 0.4 our even lower but u need a good ecig mod and battery like 35 amp battery

    7. Oh and a good dripper rda

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  4. i need instructions for doing this in a crock pot. i tried 1/4 oz. primo fine ground and 1/4 cup glycerin but by the time it has cooked in a crock pot on warm and low for 6 hrs., all of the glycerin seems to have evaporated. please and thank you.

    1. did you put it in a jar?

  5. hey,,, hey hey hey, i'm not going intelectual here on anyone but if you just combine all these facts and look at the various ways that hospitals do stuff you can find a thousand different thing and ways to do this. patients need to get using this stuff now,,, yeah buddy. it lends itself to anything no matter what "strenght" you attain through cooking.

  6. I used a little more product and a little more glycerin, and cooked it twice as long. What vaporized was the THC and not the glycerin, I'm happy with the end result though it wasn't a total failure. To prevent over heating it the next time, I bought one of them little dipper warmers. What I'm wanting to know is, what kind of result will you get if you add a ounce of ever clear. Wouldn't it evaporate, leaving only the THC it helped extract, and the glycerin?

    1. Do not cook alcohol in a sealed jar it will explode.

  7. I put mine in a mason jar an oz or more and covered it with the glycerin and put it on a slow boil for 6 hrs i got some primo stuff at the end ...thanks

  8. How long does it stay in your system? Same as smoking???

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  10. I propose some kind of scientific way to smoke nabis.

    Use pentane as extraction fluid preferably with Soxhlet apparatus and 75/25 mixture of propanediol/glicerol as solvent for obtained honey oil.

    Use glass laboratory scrubber as inhalation device and lighter to heat up the glass.

    0,5 - 1% HO solution in PD/VG is fairly OK for inhalation, more concentrated was not tried because of small quantity od stuff.

    Pentane is volatile solvent (boiling 36°C) with no smell and is non toxic - be careful and operate in vented room.

    Propanediol is much better solvent for HO than glycerol but glicerol gives mor tasty vapor.
    Remember alcohols have a tendency to dissolve chlorophile, which gives unpleasant taste when vaporized.

    Obviously wish to catch aSTONEshing expiriences and hope you appreciate my tips.

    Best regards

  11. Hi, I'm planning to do this, however I was wondering a couple of things, do you think that doing a 250 degree decarboxilization on the bud first would increase the potency or is the heat from cooking enough? Also my current living arrangements prevent me from cooking for 6 hours straight, can you think of any issue with cooking it for an hour or so at a time over a few days?

    1. This is a great idea

    2. I am on day 7 with the cook for 2 hrs a day on "no boil" double boiler setup. I have been doing a lot of research for the "e-liquid" type for a vape. I am not able to afford large amounts to test with so I am using a 1 gm to 1/2 tsp mix for super concentrated. I am working toward 30 days with this mix (first time with any test other than smoking a bowl). I will post results when avail.

  12. I have a 30 year old son with Cornelia De Lange syndrome, and he has a medical marijuana authorization for violent behavior. I set up this procedure and cooked it overnight. (17 hours) I think this was too long, because the bud was excellent, I carbolized it, and it took about 6 teaspoons to show any effect on him. There must be a cut-off time for when the thc begins to degrade. Am going to try again, this time maybe for 4 hours.

    1. Yanktongal - There are much better alternatives for your son's needs than Glycerin. I would be happy to discuss possibilities or you can take just this advice. Make a very very slow cannabutter and use small amounts on everything, more in the morning and less in the evening.

    2. Is there a cut off for when the thc degrades?

    3. Yes, but it's WAY high. I'd be more worried about terps and flavs, which start vaping off at around 170 or 180.

  13. I ran across this thread while looking to see if others use the same equipment, that I do, to make tinctures of other plants (like rose hips). I found it strange that people were using double boilers, crock pots and ovens. Just trying to help here, but I find that a simple Oster Food Steamer works GREAT for any tincture. Takes less time, does not have to be constantly monitored and is inexpensive, plus you can use Tupperware or the like (and the containers stack with different tinctures). Please let me know how it works with your type of tincture. Hmmm, Maybe I should become an MMP caregiver in my state.

    1. The steamer has a max temp of boiling water 212F or 100C. We are shooting for higher temperatures at times because we are extracting oils and bonding them to the glycerin. Do you have any other ideas?

    2. What about using a pressure cooker canner?

  14. So I think I fed up. I went to go stir my mix and the lid came off the jar and fell in the water so now I have way to much water in the jar when I had non in there to begin with. so my quest is how do I get out the water so I'm back to havin my thc and vg mix. any help plz

  15. Leave lid off and let the water evaporate

  16. I only to chose to comment as anonymous because I do not link any of my accounts.

    Anyway, I am making some right now. I put the glycerine in a stainless steel bowl that fits right on top of my crock pot, put water in the crock pot so that the bowl just rests on it (I have to occasionally add water, and getting the bowl out to do this since it is hot is the only thing I hate about this method).

    After getting the water hot, I turn it to low and leave it for a few days, turning it off when I go out or when I go to sleep.

    I then use a French Press to extract, add a little distilled water to what's left in the press and extract more, this also thins it out a little.

    After everything is done, I use the French Press just as I do when making loose tea, pour boiling water into it and make a cup or two of tea, and get ready for a good sleep that night!

    Granny Gear

  17. I did this procedure, havent tried it with my e-cigg yet, broke my back a couple weeks ago and dont wanna go on morphine as pain killer and im not allowed to smoke.. but after i drained the weed i made some brownies with the weed and it was still crazy strong, used 5 grams of proper weed. have 30 ml of the extract.

    its to sweet to take as drops. i was wondering if i degrade the stuff i have if i use the same glycering i used the first time to redo the same thing with more weed or should i use new glycerin ? want to make it stronger.. although getting my e-cigg tomorrow.. so i dont know how good it is yet

  18. Hi I just want to share that I too medicate and am always experimenting here in my kitchen. I make a tincture for e-liquid using...
    one gram wax concentrate
    equal part food grade glycerin
    equal part of strong green dragon tincture
    I put above ingredients in a small heat proof jar and put this in a small pot of water. I heat this on low and stir well until it is mixed well. This can be used in a refillable vape pen cartridge. You can add a drop of pure mint or vanilla extract for a sweet vape of medication.
    In my personal quest to find a cheaper alternative to medicate using my vape pen, I found that it tastes just like the pharmacy thc refill cartridges. Sweet...Sweet being the case, as it is also great for folks like me where the Green Dragon tincture "Budcardi" is too strong for under the tongue drops. It always made me tear.
    I hope this helps

  19. Hi, i have a skin disorder where my skin grows to fast and this creates red patches that grow immature white skin. its called psoriasis. do you think if applying this will help my inflamed over skin cell producing to normal?

  20. I have made this tincture a few times now and I think I've got it about sussed(ish!). I am saving up for a sous vide (water bath) and will give it a go in that. I reckon that the sealed plastic bag could replace the jar making it a safer method and the temperature in the water bath is regulated so it won't dry out, overheat or spoil in any way. I'll let you know how I get on

  21. I am waiting for my VG to come in the mail. I have a Cryovac machine and a sous vide. instead of using a mason jar like I originally planned, I will cryovac about an ounce of broken up nugs covered in VG. I am going to steep overnight at a lower temp (189F)and see what happens...

    This is another compelling recipe for what we are chasing...

    Thanks Papa Kief ! ! !

    1. Sorry guys that should have read 180F not 189F,
      Incidentally I am a chef and have cooked a lot of things sous vide. this machine keeps your water within .9 degrees of the temp that you set it to. I believe that since I will be using a bag and not glass, there is better contact with the Plant because almost all the air is removed and I don't think there will be any evaporation. This is going to be interesting..

    2. And... just for shits and giggles, I'll so the same with some PG that I have...

  22. So I ran my tests and basically found the following.
    The flower to equal parts VG heated by mason jar to 170F for 13hrs yielded a dark amber color with strong "nutty" smell and taste. Not very enjoyable and definitely not very strong.
    I found a little more than an 1/8th I had left over. I broke it up real good and added about 3oz of VG. Just enough to cover when mixed with nothing settling. I placed that in a water bath for 18hrs at 115 and this retained a very light green color with a fragrant flower smell. However when Vaped it had that same undesirable taste. My yield on this was very small, but I did notice a little head change after about 15 puffs. The flavor just sucks. Im not sure if it is the type of mod that I am using to vape or if it is just the mix. I drip onto a nimbus with cotton so I get crazy clouds...

    I think the boys over at skunkpharmresearch.com have their shizz together about all of this..

  23. Since the glycerin isn't flammable like alcohol I wonder if this could be decarbed in the microwave once extraction and straining were complete....

    1. You would decarb your bud first before you do anything, then add the glycerin and simmer in a jar

  24. can i do this a top a gas stove and if so at about what temerature setting.

  25. If you decarboxilate you're bud in an oven at 220F for about 30-40 mins first your tincture will be exponentially more potent. Also you could add flavoring to it after the extraction because it tastes pretty bad. And also if you decarb first, you only have to let it simmer for about 2-3 hours. Times are not exact because it depends on how much bud you have, how finely it's ground, how much glycerin you add, how fresh the bud is, and how strong the bud is. You really just want to take the jar out every 10 or so mins and spin it around a little to mix it, and you wanna check the liquid inside, and when it reaches a good looking sort of emeraldy, goldish green, then you know it's done. If you do it right it should also work great in an e cig pen.

    1. This stuff drives me nuts. Decarbing first, then heating in glycerin to infuse makes no sense to me, though I did it many times when first starting my glycerin adventures. From my rudimentary understanding of decarb chemistry, I can see no reason not to decarb the herb in the glycerin, during the infusion process. Decarb is a heat/time process. More heat, less time. At room temperature it can take months. At 212F it should peak within about 60-90 minutes. After that, THC levels begin to decay. My thinking is to mix the herb with glycerin as the thread creator suggested, then heat in a sealed jar at 212F for 60 minutes. Remove from heat at that point and keep sealed till cool so anything that evaporated, terpins, etc, can re-condense. The remaining question is what is the ideal infusion time? I have read anything from 3-6 hours at 212F. Since heating for more than 90 minutes can reduce ultimate THC levels, I choose room temperature to complete infusion. Don't know yet what the optimum period is, but I find it hard to believe that when using a decent solvent like glycerin, it will take longer than a couple days if agitated regularly. So that's what I do and so far I'm liking the results.

    2. This seems the easiest way yet. I think i decarbed too long and all that on the heat off the heat is confusing. I'm wondering how is the taste for you?

  26. could i just empty like 8-9 of my Marinol (approx 6 drops in each of mine) & maybe 2 drops of veg glycerin into my e-cig ???

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