Friday, June 24, 2011

Ever wonder how Ancient Egyptians stored their Marijuana?

Cannabis in a Purple Jar - Ancient Egyptian Approved - Scientist Supported
Since 3,500 BC 
Q & A

1.  So what is violet glass and why should i store my stash in it?

Violet glass allows for zero transmittance of invisible UVC and UVB radiation (No invisible UVC and UVB radiation penetrate VioLiv violet-glass)

  • It keeps your stash safe - Superior protection from light degradation
  • Your weed stays stronger longer - Increased length of shelf life
  • Your THC can actually grow STRONGER - Energizing effects on molecular level
  • The dark glass and airtight seal helps maintain discretion 
2.  Why have I not heard of this before?

Because you have been living under a rock for 5000 years. Google "violet glass health benefits" to learn more

3.  What would it look like if you did a side by side comparison of a cherry tomato in normal glass versus violet glass?

Nuts right?

4.  Where can I order violet bottles for my stash of grass?

Although there are many retailers selling these bottles, I think has some of the best shaped bottles for putting in large buds. 

Thanks for bringing these to my attention Anne, I love them! I currently have a few samples curing in them now. I have done this with fantastic results for the most effervescent cannabis possible!

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  1. You rock! Thanks for sharing this with the people. This Swiss made science glass has only been available in the USA for 13 years and only to manufacturers of high end goods...not until the crew at found out about its effects on all natural substance was it made available empty for our own home use. Thanks too to the Oprah magazine for cutting the edge too and telling even the conventional scene that Vitality glassware exists!!! One whiff is all it takes to go violet. For real...real good goods!