Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How high am I? How High are YOU? Pop Quiz Test

How High Am I?   The Quiz.

You might be Burned if your mouth is sticking to itself like you have been licking envelopes and stamps all day.

You might be High if you laugh at everything and notice all of the small things like instruments in music, textures and colorings and words.

You might be Baked if you think deeply and introspectively about deep subjects then forget what you were thinking about then start thinking about forgetting then think about something else.

You might be Chinked if your eyes are permanently slanted into the upper outer edge eye smile skinny slit look.

You might be Blazed if you realize despite how much you eat you cant get any more full even though the last hot pocket still cant fit into your hungry belly

You might be Stoned if you become unable to understand things.

You might be Sober if you laugh infrequently and without applying yourself. You overlook things in life that are amazing and unique. You experience a complacency with society and not with yourself. 

So How High are you?


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