Thursday, October 6, 2011

Federal Government Says Dispensaries shut down in 45 Days

Feds said today they would shut down all cannabis clubs in California, Colorado and other states with pot shops.

First came the letters on Wednesday ordering landlords to evict the collectives or risk
  • imprisonment
  • forfeiture of property
  • forfeiture of all rent collected during term of rent
Even collective who have been paying state and federal taxes for upwards of 15 years will be shut down. For those not interested in closing their doors the threat of federal raids, prosecution, and forfeiture of assets are a real concern.

Personally I expect many collectives to close their doors but retain the space. The operation of dispensing cannabis medicine will quickly become a delivery based service.

Recent raids in Montana reportedly were executed by the FBI, IRS, and EPA working in unison. 

We must stand together, I dont have a plan, but I have a dream of Safe Access to Medical Marijuana!

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We will not be beaten down by unfair and unconstitutional laws based on fallacies. We are here to stay.